At the Seashore, with the Sea!

One day I went to the sea to quench my thirst.  When I was about to take a handful out of it I suddenly heard someone asking, asking me I felt then-“ Hey you! Yes you! Do you have the power to dry me up! To make me free from this world? I am bored of my life.” I calmly tried to feel the presence of the sea, found it staring at me in a sort of deep grief looking for an answer. I replied “Death is not so easy my friend.”

As if I stoned the sea, it crumbled down. Recollecting its consciousness once again it told me that it wanted to share its experiences. I too sat down and started listening to its stories, the stories in which many kings, took birth, constructed huge empires, invaded many kingdoms to win and call them their own. “Their own for what period?”, the sea asked me. Lost in the beautiful story, I was taken aback by the question. Took a few seconds and replied- “Their own, their own for the faking period in which they were alive and capable enough to hold their might!”. It told it has seen people living and dying, rulers rising and falling and centuries passing by.

And there was a powerful and intense gaze on the sea’s face. With a breathe filled of self honor and pride the sea continued- “God made me capable of defeating and killing the best of the kingdoms, their armies, their pride and their abilities. I have the might to kill any and every powerful being on this planet…” And before it could have completed its sentence I interrupted- “And maybe that’s why god cursed you with the blessing of being immortal. And now that you regret it you will understand the reason well!”

The sea, not yet sure about how to make its existence comfortable asked me again- “O dear friend, if you are such a wise person, knowing and predicting the will of god, why don’t you, O Sire, make me understand the meaning of life then?”

I started explaining- “The meaning of life is not in looking for a meaning of it, but rather it has just been given to live on; live with humility, humbleness and modesty; live with a passion; live with satisfaction; live with your love; live with your surroundings.” I continued- “Life is not just a four lettered word, it is each moment passing with your breathe, in front of your eyes, so, O my companion, you live your life the way you want; make the wind blow your sails and take the ship of your mind in the direction you want to.” The sea not yet convinced with my answer asked again with a little annoyance- “Tell my friend, are you too happy with the life you have been given with?” With a little smile on my face, I answered, “ I am too satisfied with the life I have, just because I think I have the optimal control over it. Whenever I want to make it happy, it becomes so; if I want to turn it to gloomy, it turns gloomy without any complaint. This all happens because I have an extraordinary control over it, and this control gives me the satisfactions, which you may call happiness.”

I further Illustrated- “Making my life happy, or making my life sad, is all upon me, the king of it. How do I become happy? I appreciate the things around me, I get a reason, a positive one, for all the happenings around me. I am happy in the scorching sunlight only to see the energy a star has been given with. I am happy to see a dying person, only to realize that his pain is over in this world. I am happy to see the dawn, just to feel that I survived last night’s darkness. I am happy to see the dusk, only to understand that I got to add twelve more lighted hours in the life given to me and that I have to prepare for another twelve hours of darkness. In a similar way, when I plan to make myself sad, I start reasoning the things, I start complaining to the void, I stop appreciating; I start crying, crying for small, invaluable things, things which don’t have an existence at all. And then, my dearest I too start getting thoughts like you; thoughts to end this life, this existence. But reaching the end has never been so easy, and the trauma my friend, makes me realize again, not to waste the moment complaining or planning to end it up, because, no one knows after the end of the present life, what is going to start.

So, if you are capable enough to equip yourself too well, to control your existence, your realizations, your sentiments, your happiness, your laugh, your anger, your grief and yourself, you are left only with life and the true meaning of it- “LOVE”. Love is the meaning of life and love gives a reason to life.”

Tears started flooding in the Sea’s eyes and drop by drop they started rolling down his cheeks. The mighty sea then in a sigh of relief said- “I have not slept for centuries, awakened of my own complaints, but today I will sleep in heavens. I thank the almighty for he sent you to me. “

I smiled closing my eyes with happiness. When I opened them, the sea had disappeared!!

With the sea
With the sea

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