The Baloch Issue

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Baloch Nationalists have continuously sought support for their cause from many countries including Afghanistan and India.

The reason behind their need for Indian support are:

  1. India being the largest democracy of the world may come forward to stand against the atrocities and repression being faced by them as it did earlier in case of some African colonies.
  2. India being one of the strongest powers in terms of military and diplomacy in the region may exert the required pressure in support of the Baloch ongoing Rights violation and a separate nation movement
  3. Balochistan being a princely state in the geo-political vicinity of India shares cultural, traditional and humanistic expectations with India
  4. The common saying “enemy’s enemy is a friend” is also one of the important reasons why Balochs consider India as a significant player as they feel Pakistan as their exploiter and Pakistan being at odd terms with India gives a positive opportunity to seek help from India.
  5. The issue which has been mostly kept repressed and in bounds will get international limelight on the world stage once India takes a stand against Pakistan’s approach in the region.

The consequences of Indian support to Baloch Nationalists:

  • The cases of repression and Human Right Violations will definitely take a centre stage in the international arena
  • The diplomatic relations and talks at the India-Pakistan level may take hot and odd turns
  • The ambitious China Pak Economic Corridor which passes through Balochistan in connecting the Gwadar Port will be negatively affected which may lead to China also confronting India on various multilateral and international Platforms
  • Though India has mostly not taken much interest into any countries internal matters till now, such step may bring a strengthening of India;s stand in the Asian region.

The Indo-Pak relations have been at a critical juncture since Independence with Pakistan continuously confronting India on internal issues of Kashmir valley and raising concerns about the same in international forums. Thus, the Indian stand against the human right violations in the region is a diplomatic step haing a humanitarian base. However, considering the consequences of open support to the rebels and nationalists which may result into disturbance of Pakistan’s internal governance and confrontation with China should be carefully avoided.


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