The Ransomware Devil


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Ransomware is a kind of cyber attacking software  which compromises with the victim’s private and confidential data to blackmail and demand ransom financially. Ransomware is posing a serious threat in the developed world countries like the U.S. and Canada with the hackers mostly fishing out the data from the vitim’s database and then using threats directly published into the attached devices to demand ransome on a one-time or reguar basis.

India faces serious security and stability risks from such ransomware cyber-infections and attacks in terms of:

  • Serious threat to digital India programme: while India is promoting this programme on a rapid line and networking systems in almost every aspect of life, ransomware may be used to trap in sensitive personal data or to damage the developing framework on the whole
  • Terror Funding: The money received by such unethical groups via ransome can be used for terror funding of organisations like ISIS and Lashkar-e-Taiba which pose a serious threat to our stability and development
  • Compromise to highly confidential and classified data related to Infrastructure, Governance, Diplomats, International Relations and Defence
  • Attack on financial establishments like one in the case of Bangladesh

As of date- since Indian systems are still under the process of being developed and networked, India has less vulnerability  compared to other developed nations. But with the increasing information technology’s effect and digitisation necessary for a country to advance its growth, a robust, risk addressing and risk mitigating dedicated cyber institutional framework will become a need to develop our people, society and our country.


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