The INDU Bill


Picture Courtesy: Indian Army

While the core structure of the Military infrastructure and framework requires unity and discipline, which our existing institutions are already providing with great zeal, the professional military education in light of the drafted bill on Indian National Defence University also becomes equally necessary to strengthen our military structure with the following aims:

  1. World class institutional and faculties framework dedicated only to the development of the military and defence forces
  2. Ability to answer the 21st century defence challenges with a logical, intellectual and technological trait, if required, independent of the formulaic guidelines
  3. To provide ability to the new Recruits and the experienced forces to handle effects of the dynamically changing- socio-economic and political factors which affect in turn the character of warfare and security as a a whole
  4. To develop the military officers’ understanding of defence in terms of geographical requirements, critical engagements, war studies and operational experience, international relations, diplomatic concerns
  5. Make the forces technologically educated in various dimensions irrespective of their position or rank to cope with communication technology, information technology, organisation and management of the learning process.

The proposed Indian National defence University Bill has been a necessity and recommended by multiple committees till date. For an all round development of our armed forces with the development of a dynamic mindset along with an understanding of the societal, national and international complexities- in addition to the traditional unity and discipline framework is a necessity of the date. The bill is a milestone achievement in   process and is a definite value add for 21st century’s capacity, technological and geo-political challenges.


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