War torn Yemen…


The recent attack of Saudi Arabia on Yemen with huge arms imports from U.S.A. is a resultant of long ongoing geo-political dominance tussle between Riyadh and Tehran. Initiated by sectarian violence locally, it was expanded by the Saudi Arabian ruler and worsened further by the political involvement of the west.

  • Regional geopolitical concerns:

While Saudi Arabia’s biggest concern before the attack was the rise of Iranian power in the region (or Shia power in the region) and lift-off of nuclear sanctions on Iran by U.S.A., to discredit Iran of its development dominance, it attacked Yemen claiming that a specific sect now dominating in the central and northern Yemen had invaded with Iranian support and base.

Iran on the other hand sees Yemen as a religious ally because of the majority population having common ideologies. (Shia ethnicity)

  • Western Support:

U.S.A and other western countries which play greater roles in other human right violation issues are not interrupting in this case because of their close market relations in terms of Arms, Oil etc. Also, U.S. shares close historical relations with Riyadh and Riyadh took a go-ahead from U.S. before attacking Yemen. Also, Saudi- Arabia’s threat to defund UN Programmes further forced United nations to remain idol.

Such geo-political concerns and stability in the west-Asian region definitely becomes a matter of grave concern especially in terms of Yemen crisis as:

  1. Any turbulence in the west Asian region affects the oil prices which in turn affects our fiscal deficit and Rupee exchange rates
  2. Safety and security of the Indian diaspora and the people working in such war-afflicted zones becomes a cause of major concern (e.g.- recent evacuation mission ‘Raahat’) including the remittances.
  3. With an increasing vulnerability of the Saudi Arabian borders one of the highest trading partner’s of India is at Risk of geo-political turbulence itself.
  4. India shares a healthy, strategic and diplomatic relationship with both Saudi Arabia and Iran and such confrontational situations between the two, will have to be dealt with greater care. Yemen, being a part of India’s extended neighbourhood will definitely send in ripples in case of such ongoing unrest.

Thus need of the hour is to enforce ceasefire by brokering a peace deal backed by the UN with all the stakeholders onboard, considering the future governance, atrocities and hardships faced by the Yemeni citizens.


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