Turkey and the Syrian Crisis.

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Turkey has been an important player in the west Asian region and has stakes in the Syrian Conflict which started in 2011. Having accused Syria of supporting and providing arms and logistics to Kurdish fighters who demand a separate nation, Turkey saw an opportunity in the outbreak of conflicts within the Assad regime of Syria.

Expecting support from Western and Arab forces, Turkey tried to dislodge the so called adverse regime to bring down the Assad government by providing active support to the Syrian rebels.

US and France who initially supported Turkey’s stance, shifted their propaganda when ISIS appeared on the centre stage with attacks in European Region and intelligence reporting in the developed countries. Further, Assad Regime has an active support from Russia which strengthened its stand against the rebels. The situation thus resulted into an overturn of the geopolitical game with Turkey at last bounded to support the cause. Thereby, bringing down Assad’s government is no longer a pre-requisite for a political transition and peace process.

India has always asserted a need for political solution by talks and understanding between the affected parties. Also, despite the misgivings like Turkey buying oil from ISIS (Indirectly supporting terrorism), India considers turkey as an important stakeholder in the region.

Refugee crisis, energy security, human rights violations are some aspects on which India may have a diplomatic dialogue with Turkey to ensure West Asian stability.


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