India’s role in the neighborhood.


India’s long struggle for independence and the philosophy of our founding fathers based on which we achieved our independence and put the building blocks of our democracy, provided us a vision to support those who are facing identical circumstances in terms of racial discrimination, human right violations and colonial repression.

As in the case of Apartheid and African colonialisation, India took a strong stand to severe its relation with the related nations for decades. Similarly in the case of Palestine, India has always supported their cause as a separate state and in light of the huge human rights violation by Israel India even opposed Israels entry to the United Nations.

Proving its stand against the repression of Tibetians by the Chinese Regime, India granted asylum to Dalai Lama even on the cost of deteriorating relations with a significant neighbour. India also extended its significant support when it came to the safeguard of the East Pakistani Population against the genocide and medieval butchery attempt by Pakistani forces under operation searchlight.

Considering the recent stand of India against the Human Rights violation in the Balochistan region (currently under Pakistan’s regime) which comes after a long time since India’s indirect support in the Srilankan Civil war, India has not lost its moral rights on expressing concerns on such issues and bringing them on the international platform. Although there are many such critical repressive violations occurring around the world (e.g. Oromos of Ethiopia), in the light of globalisation, diplomatic relations, trade relations and foreign policies which require a careful brainstorming before taking a stand, any country including India has to take a pragmatic approach in expressing concerns single-handedly or collectively for the greater cause of national and international benefit.



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