The nationalism debate.


The long drawn struggle for freedom, the unity and oneness on which this war was kept alive, the martyrdoms, our leaders and a belief of being a part of this diversified country- India- in itself gives the reason why Nationalism is imbibed deep in our thoughts and why it is important to keep it alive for a nation to live and grow inclusively.

Drawing a similarity from our freedom struggle too, where all of our struggles against the British was based on dissent against their repressing policies, protests against their discriminatory mindset and debates around their offerings- the necessity of dissension, debating and protests can be clearly understood for a healthy democracy and an advance expression of democratic nationalism. They definitely are integrating principles of nationalism.
Recent issues like- moral policing, protest against beef consumption by certain communities, dissent against the executive’s policies and extremist vigilant groups have brought the word “nationalism” again to the centre stage. At such a critical juncture it is necessary to understand what nationalism really means for a richly heritaged (sic.), diversified and developing country like India.
The nationalism, which should be embraced in India, to conclude plethora of debates, can be referred to a single point- our democracy. Our democratic nationalism provides a clear framework to understand what makes our nation progressive. In India, Nationalism should mean- promoting equality, socio-economic justice, living upto the expectations of our Constitution, specifically our fundamental duties. Nationalism should be supporting our children, women, our vulnerable brethren. Nationalism, however should never become a means of utilitarian significance and be avoided on every possible costs for the greater benefit of an integrated citizenry, society and a nation.


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