The Anthropocene Era!


he Chronological approach to understand the evolution of earth since its formation, geological timescale has been divided into periods and named further to understand and remember their features.

The Holocene Epoch which started around 11,700 years ago and still continues has run to its finish line as scientists have started referring to the period starting mid 20th century as the “Great Acceleration” and have coined the starting of a new age “Anthropocene”.

Holocene which succeeded the late Palaeolithic Ice age brought with itself a more heat insolated earth resulting into faster glacier retreat. Family system, animal domestication, agriculture and cultivation led to deforestation and settlements. In contrast the Anthropocene period is being marked by- advanced technological developments leading to exploitation of natural resources exponentially, industrialisation, increased levels of Carbon Dioxide, methane, stratospheric ozone, rise in surface temperature, ocean acidification, marine fish harvesting, tropical forest loss, population growth etc.

Also, the Holocene transition is attributed to the changes that happened naturally, while for the Anthropocene transition, humans are directly responsible.

Though, it is better to understand the terms and the transition reasons related to the chronological ordering on our geological timescale, it should be more critical to understand the irreversible changes that we as humans are doing to this planet. A greater awareness not to affect our environment on such a scale that it starts affecting the ecological and geological scale is needed. Also the use of renewable resources, environmental consciousness, limiting fossil fuel use etc. will definitely be an educated move to avoid such anthropogenic effects in future.


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